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Tuesday 21 August 12 04:20

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     So I should totally be studying for my chemistry test right now... but I wanted to put some pictures up first. :P Today I finally got to participate in a chem lab today, since I missed the others while I was gone on vacation. Let me just say this: make up work freaking sucks. I read 2 really long, boring Literature stories for a quiz to make up in Lit class. I did 2 pages worth of Pre-Cal, plus all the notes I missed. I have a quiz for that tomorrow, though I'm actually not worried for once. I had to outline Sections 3 and 4 for Government and Economics, which was a b-word. But I'm pretty proud of myself for not putting it off and just going ahead, getting it done.
     I'm not sure I said this before or not, but I earned a chem lab name; the bride of Frankenstein, "Frankie" for short. My partner, Erin, is Igor lol. (If you guys know the Frankenstein story, you'll get it.) Kathryn and Autumn are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Savannah and Aly are Dexter and DeeDee lol. Not sure what Jordan, Haley, Streaker, and Britne are yet.
     But anyway, Kim let us take pictures for a bit today. (:





Tuesday 21 August 12 04:09
     Guess who's back from the beach? (: As you can probably guess, I didn't have wifi/internet or whatever. I think I would've gone crazy without my phone. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to talk to Riley at all. With no one but family around, I don't think it would've turned out very well.
     So we stayed in Miss Ellie's condo at Orange Beach, a place I like but not more than Mexico Beach in Florida. We got to take Kandie to the beach with us for the first time ever! (: I was super excited. However, the guards at the condo seemed to have a problem with it because "only owners can bring their dogs." Bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Kandie was a perfect little angel the whole time, she didn't bother anyone. Oh well, I still walked her around anyway, even though this one guard and I hated each other's guts.
     The beach was really nice the first day; not very crowded, cool water, a nice breeze every now and then. The seaweed and sand in my swim suit was a b-word though. Ughhh. On the bright side, as hot and bright as it was, I actually got a TAN. I'm not pale anymore! :D Well... not as pale, but you get it. We went to a place called Adventure Island, this little arcade place down the road. Luke was obsessed with tickets and prizes and such. Honestly I think it was the best arcade I'd ever been to. We went to the pool at the condo a lot, which was nice. It's good to see some actually clean water for a change lol. We went back to Adventure Island again, for more tickets. Because of Adventure Island, my obsession with the game Fruit Ninja was born. Oh God, I'm addicted.
     We wanted to race the go-carts there, but the track was too wet from rain. So we played mini golf, and I came in second place. Of course, Dad won first. :l I got a hole-in-one for the first time in like a thousand years though. Yayyy. And I found this really cool place called The Happy Shak, a place pretty much run by hippies lol. I loved that place. I got my first ever henna tattoo there, the Chinese symbol for "faith."
     So basically I had a good time. I kinda wanna go back and stay there forever, but oh well. :P





Tuesday 14 August 12 04:25

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     Sooo I think I'm getting back into my old school routine. I'm not having trouble getting up early, but I am having trouble going to bed at night. :l I hate it. I wanna stay up and do stuff. Boo school.
     So Friday night, I wanted to go to the dirt track races in Penton. I got to go with Kathryn, Katie, and Sarah and we picked Jordan up on the way. Well, we got there. I saw TK, Savannah, Britne, Riley, all the peoples. We saw lightning in the distance and they ended up calling off the race. Then we heard there was a party at Chase's house... so we went there instead. It was one of the most country, redneck parties ever lol. Lots of people were smoking and drinking, but all I did was dance and wait until time to go home. I had a curfew of midnight, so yippee.
     Saturday, I was gonna go to a tailgate party/bonfire thing in Penton, but I decided not to. Suddenly I didn't feel like going anywhere so I just stayed home. Joe and I ended up watching Batman Forever together, then he went to sleep like always. :P It was nice though. I started talking to Jaimie again, which made me feel so much better. I missed her a lot, since she's been talking to Michael since she got home.
     Tomorrow, not sure what time, I'll be going to the beach. (: I've been wanting to go FOREVER and this is the first time we've had the chance. But this time is very special. Know why? Kandie gets to come with us for the first time ever! (: Big said we could take her as long as no one knew but us. She's never been to the beach before, so this is amazing. I'll be sure to put up pictures and such. If I post again tomorrow, it's because I found wifi at the condo. If not, they have no wifi at the condo. Sad face.
^ the image I came back to when talking to Jaimie. I will never sleep again.
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance.
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance.
Tuesday 14 August 12 03:28

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     Woo! (: Homepage for the 3rd time! Thank you guys sooo much, for following and reading and stuff. You guys are great, so are your blogs. Keep it going and I'll do the same! (:
     Thanks so much! <3

home page,


     So this week has been super busy... I went to buy paint to do my senior parking spot, I still haven't painted it, I've had to drive all over the place to sell ads, and today was my first day back at school. Last night, I had trouble going to sleep. I stayed up with like a thousand things in my head at once. But amazingly, I woke up on time and got ready like a good kid. I'm officially a senior in high school now. It feels...weird. Yet it's really exciting. (:
     I think the day went by okay. We usually don't do anything on the first day... though some teachers just didn't seem to grasp the concept. We already had Pre-Cal homework to do... and I don't like the new history teacher. She teaches us Government/Economics and I do not like her. It's not the subject, it's her attitude: rude and sarcastic. We had our first annual staff meeting, which I think went really well. Erin might be kinda pissed off, because she's the editor and we ended up not using her idea for the theme/cover. But the best part, about all of it, was that the rest of the senior class and I got to leave an hour early. HOOYAHHHH. (;
     "Just don't give up on me. Please..."
So... I'm actually really happy right now lol. For the most part. Some things are looking up, when they weren't for a while. Have you ever been promised forever? And you actually really truly believed in that promise? The actual possibility of that promise gives you butterflies, doesn't it? And that moment when you get the feeling, the knowing feeling, that for once someone won't give up on you? They won't give up on you no matter how hard it gets, how far away, or whatever gets in the way.
     "I think you and I were destined to do this forever."
     -The Joker <3